Name: Erica Entner

How long I have been working for KCC: Showroom/Operation Manager and Designer, I’ve been with KCC for just over 2 years.

Positions: Kitchen Designer

Background: I have a degree in Interior Design and have been designing kitchen and baths for over 25 years. I worked for a family-owned remodeling business in New York for 17 years and was then recruited by Lowes to be part of their new Interior Project Specialist Program. I was part of that until the new CEO discontinued the program leaving me without a job. A friend told me about a job ad for KCC and the rest is history.

Favorite part of the design process: Clients are building or remodeling because their current house or kitchen is not working for them anymore. I love being able to give them solutions to those issues. By asking questions and listening to their answers I can give them the best possible kitchen for the way they use a kitchen, their budget and their wish list.